So You've Got a New Family Member at Home
Now Lets Talk About Puppy Training

Bringing a new pet home is very exciting, but don't let all that excitement keep you from planning puppy training. It can seem a little bit overwhelming at first, but it isn't something you should neglect. Training your puppy should begin from the moment you bring the new little fur ball home, and it will take a few different forms.puppy training

Probably the first type of training you will want to do is house breaking. Crate training is the best way to teach your new puppy where to eliminate. Just remember that in the beginning, the puppy will need to go outside about once every three to four hours. Make sure that you also take him out right after eating, drinking, and playing because these times create the perfect opportunity for puppy training by giving you the chance to reward him for eliminating in the desired location.




Other Types of Puppy Training

Before you can really begin to do other kinds of training techniques with him, you've got to train him to simply pay attention to you. Puppies are easily distracted, so one of the best things to do is simply desensitize him to some of those distractions. An obedience class is a great way to get your puppy out of the house and teach him to pay attention to you. Use verbal commands and small training treats to reward your puppy for paying attention to your commands and performing accordingly.

You should also start working on basic things like teaching him not to chew on things in your home. Puppies love to chew, especially while they are teething, so be sure always to redirect those teething energies to a chew toy that they are allowed to chew on.

This is also the perfect time to start puppy obedience training so that your new member of the family can learn the rules of the house. You may even want to consider clicker training, and studies show that it is never too early to incorporate a clicker into your new little dog training.

Puppy training is an essential first step into a bright relationship that both you and your dog will enjoy for many years to come. By taking the time to bond with your dog and teach him what you expect of him, you are building a relationship that will last a lifetime. You also help ensure that your dog will not become a statistic– one of the thousands of dogs that are surrendered each year because their owners thought that they were badly behaved when, in fact, they simply had not been trained.

Are you ready for the responsibility a new puppy brings?
Consider that question carefully before making such an important commitment.

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Bringing a New Puppy Home