The Three Common
Dog Obedience Commands

Most dog owners have heard some of the most common dog obedience commands like sit, roll over, and speak, but what's the key to getting your dog to

dog obedience commands obey these commands? It certainly takes much more than the wave of a magic wand. But any dog can become an obedient,

loyal pet if you just take the time to train some of these vital commands. Always start with a pocket full of training treats when you start teaching your dog obedience commands




Here are the most common dog
obedience commands and tips for training them:

#1: Sit
This is probably the most basic of all dog commands, and even if you don't intend to train any others, this one is easy to teach and an important tool to have in your dog's vocabulary when you want her to stop running around and / or jumping up on people. To train the "sit" command, have a tiny training treat in your hand. Let your dog sniff the treat but don't give it to her. Say the command and then put your free hand up under her chin and raise it straight up. This motion makes it natural for your dog to sit down. Only reward for accomplishing the desired behavior after her rear end is entirely on the ground. This is important so that you're training the full sit rather than just a partial sit. You want your dog to associate the rear end on the ground with the word "sit" and receiving a tasty treat.

#2: Come
For this command, you can use either "come" or "here." Both of these dog obedience commands fall under the heading of recall. One of the quickest ways to train your dog to come when called is actually to run away from her. Dogs love to chase things, so by giving her an irresistible thing to chase (yourself), you're bringing out her natural tendency to come. Then you can reward her for coming to you. This is one of those dog obedience commands that must be taught in phases. While you'll start the training by getting her to chase you, you should gradually work up to her coming to you while you're standing still, first in a quite space with no one else around until finally she will come even when there is great excitement, like a park full of people or visitors at your house. Don't forget to reward her with a treat and praise with every successful response to your command.

#3: Stay
The whole point of teaching your dog to stay is to keep her out of potentially dangerous situations. Dog obedience commands that are more complex like this one should start with the "sit" command and a reward. Then use the "stay" command and hold your hand out like you're signalling her to stop. Hold it for a second or two while you try to step away. Gradually you will be able to get further and further away from her and get her to stay longer.



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