What Citronella Dog Collar Are and Do they Work?

The citronella dog collar is commonly used within the dog training industry to help control nuisance barking.citronella dog collar This type of collar directs a citronella spray up at your dog whenever he barks. The newer models respond both to the sound of barking and also the vibration of the vocal cord.



Do Citronella Anti-Bark Collars Work?

Whenever there is some new gadget for dogs on the market, pet owners want to know immediately if it works. A study conducted at the Cornell Animal Behavior Clinic seems to indicate that the citronella collar does. About 90 percent of the dog owners who participated in this small study did have success with it. In addition, the collar has received a rating of four and a half stars on Amazon with more than a thousand reviews from owners of the product.


The Pros and Cons of Citronella Dog Collars

As with any product, there are pros and cons to using it. Probably the best reason for using this type of collar is the fact that it is so humane. Instead of subjecting your dog to small electric shocks, you are actually using an odor to change the negative behavior. Some animal lovers even like the smell of citronella-especially when compared to that all-too-familiar "doggy odor." It is also important to note that the collar typically allows for quieter barks, so your dog will still be able to communicate needs without getting sprayed.

However, there have been some reports that the citronella spray can stain furniture if the dog is lying on a couch or chair when he starts barking. Also if you have a small dog, it can be very difficult to size the collar down because it is rather large. And if you forget to turn the collar off, you face a few consequences. Of course the battery will run out, and you also eliminate all types of barking-even playful barking if it happens to be too loud.


Conclusions and Recommendations

In short, the citronella dog collar is a good solution for dogs that have a nuisance barking problem. However, there are a few situations in which it generally isn't recommended, including: