What We Need Before Bringing  New Puppy Home

Bringing new puppy home is very exciting, but with all that excitement comes great responsibility. You've got to provide the proper training if your relationship with your puppy is going to be successful.

Of course before you get to the training, there are some things you should do to your home first.bringing new puppy home


Puppy-proofing Your Home

Before your newest member of the family arrives, you need to start thinking about how this relationship is going to work. Where is he going to sleep? Where will his crate go? Where will you feed him? Which parts of the house do you want to keep him out of? Asking yourself questions like these will help you puppy-proof your home.

Let's start with the basics. You might find it helpful to use baby gates at first to confine your puppy to the kitchen or another hard-surfaced part of the house in the beginning. There are going to be a lot of accidents, and it is easier to clean them up on a hard surface rather than on carpet. Baby gates are also helpful for keeping clumsy puppies off the stairs where they can fall.

Next it's time to start looking around your house for things that could cause harm. Most puppies chew on cords, so wrap them up and tuck them away where little teeth won't be able to get to them. Make sure that you have chew toys available so that you can train the puppy about which things are OK to chew on. Avoid using old socks or shoes as chew toys because dogs can't tell the difference between old and new of the same type of thing.

Put the potted plants up where they can't be reached, especially with certain plants like calla lilies or azaleas, which are toxic to dogs. If you have these plants in your backyard, this is the time to replant them somewhere else.

What You Need?

Before you bringing new puppy home,
you should have several things on hand, including:


Caring for Your New Puppy

Now that the house and yard are set for bringing new puppy home it's time to start thinking about your responsibilities to your new family member. Start training from the moment you bring him home. Use crate training to housebreak the puppy starting the first day.

Turn the crate into his bed so that he sleeps there at night, although in the beginning he will spend a lot of time during the day inside that crate as well. This is entirely OK because dogs are den animals and it comes naturally to them.

Above all, remember that it is your responsibility to nurture your pet into a well-behaved animal. This can only be done through proper training and love.