Four Useful Tips For Basic Dog Obedience Training

basic dog obedience training

Basic dog obedience training is about teaching your pet the rules of the house. It's also about creating the behavior you want to see in your pet. Of course many dog owners think there is some great mystery about dog obedience training, but anyone can train their dog to become the most well-behaved pooch on the block with some basic tips.


Here are Four Basic Dog Obedience Tips
No Dog Owner Can Live Without:

Tip #1:
Obedience Training Starts with a Dedicated Owner The number one requirement for successful dog training is a dedicated owner. You don't really need to have any special skills other than a desire to teach your dog right from wrong strating with basic dog obedience training . Of course if you aren't committed and dedicated to having a dog that's obedient, then you won't put in the time necessary to get it done. Also keep in mind that, like people, dogs never stop learning. You don't just train your dog once and then let it drop. Training is a commitment you make to your dog for his entire life.


Tip #2:
Think Like Your Dog It is incredible the amount of insight we can gain about the world from simply learning to see it the way Fido sees it, and this knowledge assists with basic dog obedience training because you begin to understand why your pet thinks the way he does. No matter what type of behavior you are working on, understanding the way your dog thinks can help immensely.

Tip #3:
Your dog needs a confident leader. Many dog owners think obedience training is about simply getting their pet to obey their commands, but there is much more to it than that. While some trainers place a lot of emphasis on the pack mentality of dogs and enforcing submissive behavior, this isn't necessary. Dogs naturally want to obey, but they need a confident leader in order to bring out this trait in them. Of course some breeds are easier to train than others, but every dog can be trained. If you're having trouble with basic dog obedience training, don't be afraid to ask for help from someone who knows a little bit more than you. They can teach you a few easy tricks to get even the most stubborn dogs to behavior appropriately.

Tip #4:
Don't let Fido get Bored. One problem dog owners get frustrated with is troubling behavior that actually is a result of boredom. Chewing and excessive barking are just two of the habits that can occur because your dog is simply bored. Take him outside and get some exercise to relieve that boredom. Your dog will be able to concentrate better on training if you take the time to have fun with him too.