The Barking Dog Silencer does it really work?

The barking dog silencer is a device that is designed to get your dog (or your pesky neighbor's dog) to stop barking. There are several different kinds of these devices out there, and one of the most popular ones is the Dog Silencer Pro. This particular device has a remote and a large speaker that gives off a high-pitched sound that only dogs can hear. The manufacturer's website claims that it works three times farther away from it than other brands of dog silencers. It also touts the device as "the choice of veterinarians and kennel owners" and "trusted by the military."

barking dog silencer

How the Dog Silencer Pro Works
barking dog silencer

Anti-bark devices like the Dog Silencer Pro all work on the same premise: by producing a sound that only dogs can hear and that is highly annoying to them. It automatically produces the sound when it detects barking, hopefully discouraging dogs from sounding off and bringing silence at last.



Probably the best thing about this bark control device (other than its ability to control barking in some cases) is the fact that it is much more humane than shock collars. It also works on multiple dogs rather than just the dog that is wearing it. Dogs that start barking in the vicinity of it learn to associate that obnoxious frequency with their barking.


Does the Barking Dog Silencer Actually Work?

Of course as with anything else, the number one thing you should remember about this device is the fact that it works better with some dogs than with others.

There are a variety of factors involved in whether it works with each dog, including:

This particular device does have various settings so that you can adjust the sensitivity, and there's a light on the unit so that you know when it's going off even though you can't hear it. Unfortunately not every dog seems to be bothered by the sound, so all you can really do is give it a try and see if it works for your dog.


Other Anti-bark Devices

If you do find that this barking dog silencer doesn't work, there are other options on the market. Of course shock collars are an option, but they are quite controversial because they may be somewhat inhumane in spite of the manufacturers' claim that the shock is more like the static shock you get from shuffling your sock-clad feet across the floor. Another option is the citronella dog collar, which emits a spray when the dog starts barking. Of course using a collar also has drawbacks because it could go off even when another dog is barking, thus confusing the animal that's actually wearing it. Also you can't put a collar on the neighbor's dog, so it might not be such a bad idea to give one of these devices a try instead.